Tutor Report – Assignment 5

Tutor report

Student name Mike Bayliss Student number 512828
Course/Module CIP Assignment number 5

Overall Comments

The The connection wasn’t the best in terms of audio but we had a good discussion round the practical works and how you would show them and present them for assessment.

The work has moved forwards in terms of thematic and techniques and you have a good awareness of the contexts of your works but often this does not come to the fore in terms of your writing, so use this time to progress this aspect of the course in order to underpin your practice more rigorously.

You have extended your materials and mediums and taken risks. Where you work with the immediacy and energy of the mark is where your strength lies and where your enjoyment shows, as it does in your exploration of the subject matter, which has led you to successful outocmes.

Consider carefully how these paintings can work together- consider pairings /tryptch/series etc especially for the smaller works- you can also produce a ‘map’ of how the works should be collated and shown for assessment.

The notes back from the tutorial are scant (as you note yourself) but I am happy that we had a fulsome discussion and that you can see the needs that must be met.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

Student Notes:

Michele spoke mainly about the weakness in the essay and the need for greater critical reflection, the need to analyse the work more, the purpose, what ideas are being expressed, what happened in the making etc. Also, when quoting artworks or artists i need to apply this more in relation to my own work, maybe in terms of style, colour, or intention etc.

There is the need to go a bit deeper and be more explicit in the writing. I was aware of the weakness in the work and was waiting for this critique to be steered further in the right direction. I need to send in another draft version for review before the final version goes to assessment.

We spoke on about the range and quantity of work to hand in and I have a clearer understanding of what is required for completing the course and the assessment process.


Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

Keep experimenting within them. Your colour/material/medium choices

could be tested more thoroughly.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays


The reflective writing has improved over the course and you are becoming more observational in your perceptions. Think about how contemporary artists may relate to your own growing practice, what they may bring to you, try to articulate this. Look back over past comments to guide you. This is critical now.

Suggested reading/viewing


Inside the White Cube- Brian O Doherty…a book for now and the future

Pointers for the next assignment

Read very carefully the assessment criteria at the back of the handbook, look online at the OCA site for guidance, then begin to review your selection – make sure you have worked on areas that have been outlined to you thus far. Be careful in your selection, it is better to have the right number of good works than water down the overall selection by including less strong / accomplished pieces. Once your selection is made I will be happy to view via email/blog and comment.

Tutor name Michele Whiting

Date December 21st 2017



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