Tutor Report – Assignment 3

Tutor report

Student name Mike Bayliss Student number 512828
Course/Module CIP Assignment number 3

Overall Comments

The student notes from our extensive tutorial were very scant- and I waited to see if anymore were forthcoming, before completing this document but none arrived. If you find that you need to clarify anything, because of these notes, please email me and we will go from there.

You really engaged with working outside of the frame in architectural space and the assignment was overall successful, this is due in part to the documentation of the work and process , which is both clear and confident.

The research that you undertook around the city, documenting other ways of painting/making artworks was focused and because of this a sort of typology began to emerge, which points towards some further work …

We have agreed that for the next hand in you will send some samples of work and a detailed description of the processes undertaken.

You have some clear ways forward with your paintings that you explained to me, and I am happy for you to evolve these works as we discussed.

A first draft of your artist statement will be needed at the next hand in.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

Student Notes:

I didn’t really get very far taking notes but from what I remember:

1. Keep up the exploratory work in the sketchbooks & use as a source to draw from for new work.

2. Exploring some imagery from sketchbook for next assignment. Experimental work will be relatively small or manageable to send by post & final pieces to be worked up to larger scale.

3. Experiment with media & materials, i.e. Linen, maybe aluminium sheet. Consider hard/soft areas & edges, opaque & semi opaque areas, texture etc.

Tutor- As this assignment develops you may find that you have new ideas and arguments to include in your assignment, and that you are modifying or improving on your position, this is normal and the important thing to do, is to note take, reflect and keep relevant.


Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

Keep going in the way that you are, keep experimenting and reflecting on these experiments-as it is opening up pathways and insights for you.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays


Begin the process of writing your artist statement. Try to really consider now the link between conceptual frameworks and your practice, and also aim to articulate your understanding of theoretical models from which your key concepts and drivers come from. If in doubt where to start why not mind-map or use a spider diagram to help you. In this way you will devise an outline plan that will be useful in writing the statement

Suggested reading/viewing


Yi Fu Tuan – both texts -Space and Place and Topophilia. These have resonance with your work, and interests, if you can get hold of them and read them, I think that they might well help inform your perspectives.

Pointers for the next assignment

Keep the evaluative writing going, aim to look at what you are saying critically. Is there more than one side of the argument or view? Be critical, be reflective especially about yourself, your own views and experiences.

Look at the OCA websites and try to gain some peer interaction with your work.

Michele Whiting

2nd May 2017


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